Muscle Truck


This was taken in the Wal-Mart parking lot in Wilmington, NC. This guy didn't even TRY to squeeze his super-macho muscle truck into one space.


Lincoln, Nebraska: Carriage Park Garage

This is the garage where I park for work.  Almost every day, I'm greeted by a truck who can't or won't park in the lines.  Dear Driver of Truck: if you don't have enough room to open your door, YOU find a different spot; don't park over the line. Jerk!

Hopefully the Candidate Parks Better

This car belongs to the candidate's mother.  On the day of the primary election, she parked her car across the street from one of the polling locations and left it there pretty much the entire day.  You'll notice that not only is she parked in a handicap spot despite not having a tag, but she also is parked diagonally across the space.  Fortunately, her son's campaign magnet was prominently displayed on either side of the car, so there was no mistaking who she was.